Everlane Open Office Campaign

To showcase Everlane's new 8,000-square-foot headquarters and completion of a retail showroom, the brand launched a marketing campaign and a week-long set of events—open to the entire community in San Francisco. Over the course of one week, five events were held in the space, ranging from a private dinner with Liholiho Yacht Club and Scribe Winery, to a speaking panel with Blue Bottle Coffee and SFMoMa, and ending with a housewarming party with 500+ of Everlane's customers.


Partnership Curation
Retail Design Strategy
Event Concept & Execution
Brand Marketing Strategy


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"No client or friend gives critical feedback (or consistently good restaurant recommendations) better than Ling. She pushed our studio, along with the internal team at Everlane, to realize what has become one of our most celebrated projects."
—Brian Hurewitz, Principal, Early Work (Formerly Brook&Lyn)
“Ling was a pleasure to work with during the Everlane Open Office Series, and really understood how to best creatively collaborate with our team to execute a thoughtful, effective brand partnership. She was organized, responsive and was always thinking three steps ahead.”
—Jessica Force, Le Shop Studio (Formerly Scribe Winery)