Eighteen B x Camille Becerra ‘Play with Your Food’ Dinner

In August 2019, Eighteen B hosted “Play with Your Food,” a dinner in Chinatown, New York City for 30 friends (new & old) to celebrate their collaboration with Camille Becerra, a NYC-based chef and writer.
Photography by Ian Evan Lam.


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“With years of tracking what’s important in today’s culture, this talent, Ling, is a visionary that is above all, a kind and caring professional connected to realizing the magic within people and sharing it within her many creative platforms.”
Camille Becerra, Chef and Writer
Katie Jane Hughes testing Eighteen B product during the event.

The Event

The dinner was hosted at Lee’s on Canal, a loft-like space in NYC. Camille prepared her signature dining experience: a five-course vegan and sustainable meal that invites guests to get involved in the kitchen, to plan, and to fully immerse themselves in the art of sharing a meal. 

Because Eighteen B is a new brand trying to stand out in the cluttered skincare industry, we wanted to host a unique event to reflect the values of both Eighteen B and Camille. As such, this wasn’t a dinner for sitting still: all 30 guests were asked to get involved in the kitchen. Guests were asked to choose a utensil upon entry; that tool determined how they’d participate in the cooking of the meal. Then they peeled, cracked, gathered, and played with their food.
Chef Camille Becerra preparing a sustainable meal that invited guests to get involved in the kitchen, to plan, and to fully immerse themselves in the art of sharing a meal.


The dinner’s objective was to introduce the brand to a subset of influential tastemakers, editors, and creative types to ultimately create buzz and spread brand awareness. Notable invitees included editorial and celebrity makeup artist, Katie Jane Hughes (who, following the event, agreed to be featured as the newest Eighteen B Woman), and creative directors and writers from Bon Appetit, Domino, Gather Journal, and Women’s Health.
In between courses, guests were able to take a peek inside their gift bags and test out the products.