During my six-month contract with Eighteen B, the most rewarding campaign I worked on was the Eighteen B Woman series – the first lifestyle campaign and most extensive marketing plan to date. I ideated the concept and executed all parts of the marketing campaign.

About the Brand

Eighteen B is an innovative skincare brand that speaks to women who are tired of the cosmetics industry underestimating their intelligence and offering false hope. They make straightforward, science-backed-products that repair, restore, and protect your skin. Their clean beauty products are made by a team of highly skilled scientists and skincare nerds who would love engaging in real talk about skin health.


Brand Strategy
Launch Campaign
Creative Direction & Production
“Ling is a true multi-hyphenate and an extremely talented one at that - getting to collaborate with her on the Eighteen B campaign, I was impressed by her ability to function as both a creative and a producer every step of the way - she is an incredible communicator and collaborator, has a crystal clear vision, and so adept at bringing together all the right elements to bring that vision to reality.”
 — Natasha Lee, Eighteen B Woman
“Ling is precise, organized and fun. Working with Ling was so easy as she is completely organized and on top of every detail!”
 — Wendy Euler, Eighteen B Woman

The Photoshoots

The brand was lacking a significant amount of approachable and resonating content across their website, social media accounts, and marketing/press materials. I art directed and produced a photoshoot for each Eighteen B Woman to illustrate their stories, showcase the brand ethos, and highlight the products. Over the course of a month, we held a photoshoot in each woman’s hometown: Los Angeles, Bozeman, and New York City. The end result was countless photos and interview excerpts that were used by the brand on their website and social media accounts.
Behind the scenes of our LA photoshoot with Natasha Lee.

The Events

To amplify the buzz around the campaign, we hosted four separate events with each of the featured women. These events ranged from intimate cocktail events, sit-down dinners, to a day-time brunch. At these events, the Eighteen B team met close circles of the featured women and learned more about what they were looking for from a skincare brand.
An intimate cocktail event in Bozeman, Montana. 

The Interviews

We interviewed each woman to get her point of view on how to lead a healthy life and what beauty means to them. This was effective in showing their customers the different types of people who use the products, of course, but more importantly, how and why to use the product. Each interview was a source of content that was featured on the brand’s blog, The Lab, and served as a vehicle for the Eighteen B Women to post content on their social media accounts. Lastly, it was a gateway into the brand that would lead them to more in-depth readings and explanations behind the technology and innovation of their proprietary ingredient, b-silk protein™.