Norn - International Brand Launch

Developed in response to rapidly changing socio-cultural needs and behaviors of under 40 year-olds, Norn is a new network and content program designed to foster meaningful, in-person conversation. Operating across a collection of historic homes and creative spaces in London, Berlin, Barcelona and San Francisco, Norn invites its members to listen, participate, and connect with others.

To kick off its brand launch in Spring 2018, I planned a series of 30+ partnerships and events with creative artists and influencers that were hosted in each of the Norn homes. The collaborations ranged from a calligraphy salon in Berlin hosted by Japanese calligraphy artist Aoi Yamaguchi, to a literary dinner with the book subscription brand [reads], and even a brunch salon hosted by the ballet dancer, Patricia Zhou.

Norn has been featured in the Financial Times, Vogue, GQ, The Economist, Monocle, and more.


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Ling is a gifted creative who is able to effortlessly bring projects to life from concept to execution. Ling was exactly who we needed to partner with to strengthen our brand and expose us to new networks! She's detail oriented, articulate and her vision is reflected in every aspect of a project.
- Emma Stevenson and Rachael Yaegar, [reads]
“I would describe my experience of working with Ling as easy and efficient. Exactly how I love it! She is straight to the point and we've got things done right away, which was amazing knowing the very tight deadline we had to deal with...  Plus I gained a friend out of it - what more to ask?”
- Julie De Cuyper, Founder, JUULS JUULS
“I had an absolute pleasure working with Ling. She’s spontaneous, organized and makes everything effortless. She is a great listener and communicator who brings forth great ideas from casual conversation, shares the value and aesthetics, and makes it happen.”
- Aoi Yamaguchi, Japanese Calligrapher
Alice Williamson Event at Norn Berlin
Aoi Yamaguchi Calligraphy Event at Norn Berlin