Reset NYC Brand Launch

Reset is a modern wellness sanctuary in New York City designed for busy New Yorkers looking to find work-life balance through meditation, movement, and executive coaching.
Reset offers classes and workshops for the general public, all of which take place in their Nolita studio in NYC.


Brand Messaging
Launch Strategy


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"Ling is brilliant! When I started working with her to launch my new company, the branding and the messaging was undefined. She was incredible in helping us shape our go-to-market plan, and really pushed us to new heights both creatively and structurally. Ling is so gifted when it comes to crafting the messaging, style, and differentiation for brands. Our launch was incredibly successful, and we could not have done it without Ling!"
Liz Tran, Reset Founder 
Photography by Grace Rivera. 

The Project

Before the official opening in May 2019, I worked with Reset founder, Liz Tran and her team to help define the branding and messaging of her company. Over a series of video and in-person marketing workshops, I created a marketing playbook to follow as we honed in on their unique selling proposition, how to effectively market to their target customer, and especially, how to have a successful launch. 
Liz created Reset — a place for ambitious, career-centric people, who also care about finding fulfillment in their overall lives.